Don’t Be Tight

There’s  a recession,  a double dipping bitch to be correct. Yet that still means one should conduct shadows with the necessary grace and candour that eludes other ways of gentleman living. Give a little back to those that put in your pocket. Buy good scales. Period. Grab some point point to the mother fucking point shits. Bales so on to it that when a motherfucking bogey drops out on those things it registers. Make sure you look after those crumb counters too, don’t let them slack or get mad greasy and shit. Test them with the 1p and 2p. Change the batteries regularly and have spares ready……matter of fact always leave the batteries out but if your new to that your baby ass needs more then a memo. Having them come correct means your maths comes correct, 0.45 can mean extra cash thus more to stack. Also when that cock eyed sloucher you never liked tries to school you on a video tape you can give it straight back and ask for the rest. In a world where information is emperor make sure when it comes to the pots and pans your utensils are like bloomberg. Don’t be tight.

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Smirk In The Crowd

This is my first tippy toe into the deep ocean of sharing mutual ideas and awakening, I hope you discover which you wish to seek. Im a self confessed know-it-all, that warm adrenaline soaked feeling before/during/after something important; that’s me. Self awareness becomes its own worst enemy. Yet with dedication and enthusiasm it becomes so easy to assume the mantle of greatness. Anyone who tries, lies or buys: hard enough, can have what ever they want. Their only limitation is their mental emancipation. Thats what this is all about; Liberation. You too can become the smirk in the crowd. Money, Hot Obsessive Girls, Nights Lathered in Debauchery, Peace and Enlightenment. All possible in the yearoftheshadow, just be patient virtue above all virtue is about to be delivered.

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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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